Don’t weather the storm alone.

If you’re 65 years old or better, call us and you can ride out the storm in one of our warm, comfortable communities. Find the closest community of ours to where you live and give us a call. We’ve got back-up power, if necessary, and plenty of good food, fun activities and good spirits. We’re […]

Home for the Holidays Can Mean Rethinking the Home Environment

The holidays find many senior living communities scrambling to field inquiries from the adult children of aging parents.  The primary reason is simple. Shock. “In this age of scattered families connecting by phone and email, the holidays are often the only time when folks gather together in person,” says Doug Buttner, Regional Operations Director for […]

The Rental Advantage: Maintaining Control in Senior Living

The latest trend is away from the old model of “buying-in” to a senior living community. Retirement living isn’t just about where you plan to play golf. It’s about making important decisions about where you live and why, as well as how to pay for it. Seniors are living longer and healthier lives so this […]

Tips to Help Manage the Move to A Senior Living Community

7 Ways to De-clutter Your Life and Manage the Move to a Senior Living Community The move to an apartment in a senior living community generally means choosing convenience, socialization and security over lawn care and housework.  It is an opportunity to de-clutter and dig out of decades worth of accumulated stuff.  But for many, […]

Five attorney tips for seniors to avoid legal landmines

The move to a senior living community is one of those moments in life that is a good opportunity to take stock of important documents. So says a Virginia attorney who specializes in elder law. “Some things, like an ID or voter registration, are obvious,” says Bill Oast, who has seen a lot of client […]